About QEL2

QeL2 conferences are designed to make it easy for you to get it right.

Clinicians and leaders will learn about the latest evidence based practice in a way that they can make immediate changes to practice and processes to improve patient care. We aim to empower you to change patients’ lives.

We insist on the patient being at the centre of care. Hearing past experiences from actual patients will help you to envisage healthcare from their perspective, ensuring that they are always kept informed and are actively involved in healthcare decisions.

Tracy Nowicki and Céline Melican are dynamic presenters with vast knowledge of patient safety issues. They are passionate about inspiring nurses all over Australia to keep up with the latest information and to keep a focus on excellent patient care.

Learning useful information about very serious topics does not need to be dull. We are committed to bringing the “If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it” attitude to each of our conferences and invite you to come along and be part of the fun!

QeL2 is currently delivering Pressure Injury Prevention conferences across Australia with additional patient safety topics being planned for the future. See our ‘Conferences – What to Expect’ section for an overview of each topic.

Keep an eye on the ‘Conferences – Where & When’ section to see where you can come and be inspired!


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Join us and discover how to transform standards and guidelines into the best possible patient care